Corporate Culture | The First Tug of War of Victor Aluminum


The First Tug of War of Victor Aluminum

Stick together to make achievements, indomitable struggle makes us invincible

In order to enrich the staff's spare time, enhance the sense of group honor, improve the cooperation and exchange between departments, and strengthen the team spirit of self-improvement, cooperation and win-win, Guangdong Victor Aluminum organized the 2020 Annual Tug of War on December 19, 2020.

The Tug of War was participated by 16 teams, including:

1. Spraying Division

2. Warehousing Division, Purchasing Division

3. Business Division

4. Industry Model Division

5. Packaging Division

6. Quality Department

7. Stamping Division

8. PMC Division

9. Administration Department

10. Engineering Development, Commissioning Team

11. Equipment Department

12. Grinding Division

13. Machining Division

14. Anodizing Division

15. Flashing Division

16. Casting Division

Under the principle of justice, fairness, and openness, the competition between the teams was fierce, demonstrating the fighting spirit and excellent character of Victor Aluminum staff who expressed their style and reached great achievements.

The final eight teams were:

Spraying Division, Industry Model Division,

Quality Department, Stamping Division,

Administration Department, Grinding Division,

Machining Division, and Casting Division

Highlights of the game


The semi-final teams were:


Quality Department

Administration Department


Machining Division  


Spraying Division

Final winners of the game

Champion: Machining Division

 Runner-up: Spraying Division

Third winner: Quality Department

The thirth: Quality Department

The fourth: Administration Department

Congratulations to the above winning teams!

In this Tug of War,

we worked together with concerted efforts.

The two ends of the rope connected two departments, which represented a spirit

of persistence and fighting till the end!

We fought hard whether we succeeded or not

We were united as one whether we won or not

The strength of a man is little

But that of a team is infinite

We believe that our struggling and the united Victor Aluminum staff

will surely create a better future!

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