Event Review | Hong Kong Foundry Association visited Victor Aluminum

On October 30, President Cai of the Hong Kong Foundry Association, members of the Council, totaling dozens of people, visited Victor Aluminum to attend the 74th Council of the Hong Kong Foundry Association and to visit Guangdong Victor Aluminum Co., Ltd. and exchange views with new council member Ms. Tao Lihua.  

Ms. Tao of Victor Aluminum led the members to visit the corporate culture corridor, production workshops, living areas and so on.

From the gymnasium, to the staff dormitory, apartment, and Victor Aluminum nursery, it can be seen that Ms. Tao is a careful and considerate person for the staffs. All-around support is provided for employees to work in Victor Aluminum without work and living concerns. Entrepreneurs all praise Ms. Tao for this “family culture”.


Photo: Visit the company

Photo: Visit the corporate culture corridor


Photo: Visit the gymnasium, dormitory and apartment

Photo: Visit the stamping workshop

Photo: Visit the die-casting workshop

During this meeting, themed on “Management philosophy is the core of enterprise management”, Ms. Tao exchanged ideas with entrepreneurs from four aspects, namely, “Pain of Chinese manufacturing industry”, “What is the real leader?” and “How to become a operator with leadership?” and “How to practice Inamori’s Management Philosophy?”. She advocated to run a business with philosophy as the leading idea so that employees can obtain both spiritual and material happiness.


Quotes from Ms. Tao: (excerpts)

1. To run a business is to run the will of people, and to manage a business, is also to manage the will of people.

2. China’s manufacturing industry is the foundation of the nation and the source of creating social value.

3. With “mission” as inspiration , trustworthy leaders are cultivated.

4. The sharing of philosophy and Amoeba management contribute to the cultivation of talents with operator consciousness.

5. How to become an operator with leadership?

→People who know philosophy of life

→People who establish management philosophy

→People who master the practical knowledge of management

6、The result of life and work = thinking style (-100~+100) × enthusiasm (effort) (0~100) × ability (0~100)


Part of the source: Inamori Kazuo

Photo: President Cai awarded a plaque for Victor Aluminum

Ms. Tao concluded:

Enterprise is a platform for accomplishing employees’ dreams.

Enterprise’s righteous cause is to create value for society and meet people’s demand for a better life.

The products manufactured by enterprises are the carrier of the enterprise concept, and our concept is “to meet the material and mental needs of all employees”.

Entrepreneurs engaged in manufacturing industry are responsible for the rise and fall of the country, the responsibility of the nation and the happiness of the people. They have a long way to go.

“We forge ahead against the prevailing trend.”

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