Environmental Equipment

Nickeliferous waste water treatment equipment

All nickeliferous waste water is recycled, not discharged and is subject to recycling disposal separately.

Inorganic waste water treatment equipment

Through pH automatic control inorganic alkali adding pump, the pH value of waste water is kept neural

Phosphorus-containing waste water treatment equipment

Phosphorus-containing waste water is regularly monitored and treated to reach standards listed in sewage discharge table of Guangdong Province.

Exhaust gas and dust treatment equipment

Exhaust gas treating column: the exhaust gas generated by anodizing line is sprayed, absorbed and filtered to reach national emission standards.

Dust treatment equipment

Sprinkler: in grinding, polishing, sand blasting, paint spraying process, machining products are equipped with sprinkler and bag filter to make dust and exhaust gas removal rate reaching over 90%.

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