Inamori's Philosophy

As a company, we have adopted the idea - respect of the nature and love for the people, a philosophy developed by Mr.Kazuo Inamori, founder of Kyocera Corporation in Japan. We behold in fair competition and working with the right attitudes. We devote our passion for the nature, the mankind, the country, the work, and the company.

core values
  • Vision

    ● We are committed to become an industrial benchmark of the smart manufacturing of high-end Alum-Mag alloyed applications in China.

  • Mission

    ● Coming together is beginning

    ● Keeping together is progress;

    ● Achieve together is successful.


    ● Assiduousness, Perseverance, Creativity, and Pursuit of Excellence
  • Responsibility

    ● To enhance the applications of Alum-Mag, and to promote a Green world.


    ● To care and reach out to all our employees;
    ● To host a “lean and mean” workplace so everyone is “ready to rock”;
    ● To manage is to Influence.

  • Marketing Strategy

    ● To offer products of excellence quality;

    ● To bolster competitive advantages for our customers;

    ● To become our customers most reliable partner.

Humane Care
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  • Company’s Motto:
    • For the Wellbeing of our Employees
    • For the Value of our Customers
    • For the Future of the Company.
  • Employee Housing Services:

    We offer dormitory services for our employees in a tranquil and green area of our plant community. Similar to hi-rise apartment units, options are available upon employee’s family status. Each unit is air-conditioned, and set up with its own bathroom, washer and other appliances of necessity. Public facility is also available in the area where hot-water shower service is available 24/7.

  • Victor’s Rec Centre:

    Our Fitness Centre is so popular that, after a hard-working day, you can find our employees playing basketballs or badminton, by the ping-pang table or billiards table, or in the gym. They may also be found in the TV room, the web-surfing bar, the Karaoke Bar, or indulged in other activities like cards and chesses. The company also regularly hosts competition-type activities and tournaments internally or with other companies to promote the sense of friendship and a robust community.

  • Our Library:

    We have our own library open to our all employees housing an eclectic collection of books and materials of our profession in order to meet the demand for continual learning and encourage personal and career advancement of our employees.

  • Our Employee Childcare:

    The company offers childcare services within the community to provide parenting relief for our hardworking employees.

  • Employee Routing Health Inspection:
    The company offers its employees routine annual health Inspection to ensure each individual is kept updated of his or her own health status. The company also promotes among employees to well look after themselves before their families and careers.
Lean Management
  • Objectives

    ● Quality

    ● Efficiency
    ● Cost-Saving
    ● Short Lead-Time
    ● Safety First
    ● High Employee Morale

  • Plans

    ● To share harvest with our employees;

    ● To create value for our customers;

    ● To bring future for the company

  • Support

    ● JIT

    ● Corporate Strategy

    ● Quality Systems

  • Foundations

    ● Participation by all our employees;

    ● Waste Control and Elimination;

    ● Continuous Improvement;

    ● TPM;5S;Quality and Process Standardization

Victor’s Training Institute

Victors Training Institute:

Inspired by forging a team of excellence and augmenting core competency, our Training Institute has taken its shape throughout the years. Its a powerhouse of talents to boost personal and career improvement and workplace efficiency and keep all employees fully engaged in the growth and development of the company.

The Building of a Strong Team:

The company underlines the importance of training and developing talents, by organizing training seminars and training-related boot camps throughout the year to elevate and explore individual skillset, to encourage every employee at Victor to seek and bring value to their personal and career paths, and to recognize and embrace companys Core Sense of Values - Creditability, Responsibility, Precision, Excellency, Altruism, and Share of Victory, which are the cornerstones for a sustainable business to grow in the years to come.