Wonderful review of | Victor Aluminum first 3vs3 basketball game


A five-day competition was held from July 27 to July 31, with in total 6 teams attending and entering the round robin match. It was a battlefield of performance, tacit cooperation and fierce competition, where athletes were committed to winning and staged many wonderful moments. The top four teams in terms of total credits were qualified to enter the cross knockout and in the end, the champion, runner-up and third place winner were decided.

July 30

The first four winners


Below are wonderful moments of the 5-day event!

Quality Team, comprised of young members, is featured by quick response, solid foundation, and good understanding among teammates. In the finals, it finally overtook though it lagged behind at the beginning. Every session of the team was wonderful.


Equipment Team members are experienced and impressed the audience on the scene by their indomitable fighting spirit showed in the competition with younger players.

 Engineering Team, featured by its prudent style, stuck to its line of defense, and played hard, winning chants and cheers at all times from the audience.

Coalition Team, comprised of members from several departments, played well on the court though it was a newly established team. It impressed the audience by its wonderful dunk, tacit cooperation, and unity shown in each competition.

Environmental Team, also an outstanding team, is featured by their joined forces, efforts of grabbing rebounds, and fast-break. Every player performed well on the field to strive for the same objective of advancing.

Victor Aluminum Lakers (Machine Processing) Team were passionate and brave on the field and insisted on playing the game in the absence of a player who got injured in the game. The audience was deeply touched by their tenacious spirit.

Team heads and team members were discussing the game strategies.

The semi-finals and finals were held on the evening of July 31 after the first 4 days’ round robin matches. The top four teams were full of vigor on the field and not ready to admit defeat. The match showed tenacious and hard-working spirit and also positive spirituality of Victor Aluminum people.

Below are the top three teams:

Champion: Quality Team

Runner-up: Coalition Team

Third place: Equipment Team

Congratulations to the first three winner teams!

Finally, we’d like to extend thank to every staff member. With your contributions, the match was held in line with principles of justice, fairness and openness and all participants played to their bests and had fun.

The friendship established in the competition will last forever though the match lasted for 5 days merely. We were deeply impressed by those energetic and agile figures on the court and their tenacious spirit, chants and cheers of the audience for basketball players, and support and cooperation of referee, team heads and all staff for this event. The 5-day match was stunning and a valuable spiritual wealth to us all.

At last, we’d like to extend our thanks to every team for their participation in this basketball game, and also our sincere thanks to staff who worked hard for this event!

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