Corporate culture | An overview of Victor Aluminum’s tea party and online Q&A awards

Mid-Autumn Festival

It is time to be reunited under the full moon with pining for each other.

On the afternoon of September 18th,

Victor Aluminum held a tea party called Reunion by Emotion in the Lovely Night of Full Moon” 

and online Q&A awards as well.

Being reunited to share joy and happiness while enjoying traditional dishes

Mid-Autumn traditional dishes

#Game playing#

The attendees were thrilled at a variety of wonderful programmes and funny interactions.

They were joyful at playing games, being eager to take part in and racing to be the first to answer the questions.


A pleasant evening with the full moon.

Victor Aluminum was full of pleasure and harmony in the day

Award Ceremony for winners in Q&A

The programme of Mid-Autumn Festival as Online Q&A was aimed at raise awareness of production safety, quality control, understanding and appreciation of culture and key points in 5S Management, creating an atmosphere of learning and building an outstanding corporate culture.

Let’s relive some of the key moments in the award ceremony!

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