Review | 2021 annual summary commendation and orientation in 2022 annual meeting

On January 22, 2022, Guangdong Weilu's 2021 annual summary and commendation and 2022 New Year's meeting was successfully held! Mr. Li Yumin, the general manager of the company, set the theme for this annual meeting - "change, improve and enhance".

Check-in and admission highlights

The commendation conference officially started, and the host led the reading of philosophy and culture together

#2022 · Sincerity#

Although Ms. Tao Lihua, chairman of Guangdong Weilu Aluminum Co., Ltd., is far away in the United States to open up new markets for Weilu’s business, she still cares about Weilu, and she is connected with the scene. . In this connection, Tao Dong once again emphasized the importance of "sincere". She said that the team of Weiluo has been able to stay together until now, relying on sincerity. At the same time, Tao Dong pointed out that learning Weiluo's philosophy and culture plays an important role for us to achieve our annual goals. Finally, Dong Tao sincerely wishes everyone to achieve better results in 2022.

General Manager Mr. Li Yumin delivering a speech

#2022 · Change | Improve | Improve#

        Mr. Li first briefly reviewed the profit margin of Weiluo in recent years, which led to the theme of this year's annual meeting - "change, improve and enhance". In the face of an increasingly competitive market environment, we need to change the traditional concept of the past and transform the business model of external demand into internal demand.

       Through case analysis, Mr. Li pointed out that in terms of product structure, in order to improve product value, we must achieve lean production. The essence of lean production is to create value, that is, all operations that do not generate value can be done without doing it. It can not only minimize the resources occupied by enterprise production, but also a production method with the main goal of reducing enterprise management and operating costs. At the same time, it is also a concept and a culture.

Department annual work report
Annual work report of the business department, Minister Mi Jingyi

Minister Mi made an annual work report mainly from the "2021 work review" and "2022 work plan and implementation methods". In the report, Minister Mi showed us that the key indicators for 2021 have been basically completed with the dedication and hard work of the team. From the key customers followed by each colleague, the key projects in 2021 were sorted out and reviewed, and the key indicators for 2022 were put forward.

        Minister Mi said that in 2022, the business department should speed up the development of new projects and consolidate the business projects of existing customers through close communication and cooperation with various departments. Expand sales channels and achieve 2022 annual goals.

Director Luo Tianwei, Annual Work Report of the Quality Department

Luo Tianwei, the head of the quality department, made an annual report on behalf of the quality department. He first summarized the completion of various key tasks of the quality department in 2021, sorted out the problems encountered in the work, and listed the improvement measures one by one. In the following report, Director Luo showed the work focus and goals of the Quality Department in 2022. Seeing his confident appearance, he believed that the Quality Department would be able to achieve the annual goals in 2022.

Director of Information Management Department Annual Work Report Feng Yonghui

Minister Feng said that 2021 is a year of breakthrough thinking for the Ministry of Information. During this process, all staff of the Information Department worked hard to make the impossible possible, completed the basic framework of digital business report and HR system construction, made the electronic office system take effect quickly, and brought convenience to the work and life of employees.

     For the team's contribution and efforts, Minister Feng expressed his gratitude to them and said that having a harmonious and united team is the biggest achievement of the Ministry of Information in 2021. Finally, Minister Feng said that the core foundation of the digital factory is to establish a strong digital operation system, and the key work of the Ministry of Information in 2022 is to complete the construction of the basic operation system, continuously optimize the system, and enable Weiluo to complete the construction of the digital factory as soon as possible. .

Gao Shilong, Director of the Annual Work Report of the Production Department

Gao Shilong, the head of the machine-added course, made an annual report on behalf of the production department. He said that in the past 2021, the production department, under the guidance of the company's management, practiced the 5S production management principles of Weilu, and improved the on-site environment of the department. Very good progress has been made in reducing losses and waste in production.

       Section Chief Gao said that in the next 2022, the production department will continue to implement the core concepts of Welco and strive for excellence. To this end, the production department has formulated an action plan to reduce the three major costs and wastes, put forward coping strategies to improve production work, and focused on building a team culture and changing the status quo.

Annual Work Report of the Engineering Department Deputy Minister Su Jianhua

Deputy Minister Su said in the report that in 2021, with the cooperation and good communication between the Engineering Department and various departments, the annual work goals will be basically completed. He said that the key performance of the engineering department and the completion of key mold development projects will play a very important role in promoting the work in 2022. In the following report, Deputy Minister Su gave a detailed explanation of the key work of each group of the Engineering Department in 2022.




The times are changing, the world is changing, and the annual meeting of Weiluo is also changing. With brand-new gameplay and luxurious awards, the company strives to give the hard-working Weilu people a unique experience at the annual meeting.

Round after round of lucky draw activities quickly set off waves of climaxes of the annual meeting. Every colleague was delighted with the gift of his choice and happily started the good luck of 2022!

This inspiring event has made Weilu people clearer about their future goals and directions, strengthened their career beliefs, boosted morale, and gained strength, making a good start for the company's smooth development in 2022.
Standing at a new historical starting point, opportunities and challenges coexist, let us continue to carry forward the philosophical and cultural spirit of Weilu, start again, and jointly create a better future for Weilu!

Happy New Year HAPPY SPRING FESTIVAL wish the family of Weilu a smooth work in 2022! Healthy! May all go well with you! Happy Year of the Tiger!

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