The law school | Law Popularization Seminar of Civil Code

The activity was carried out in the form of “lecture+ interaction”. In the activity, Lawyer Li Yingzi from HuaNan Law Firm of Guangdong gave a civil code-themed lecture to all managerial forces and front-liners of our company and explained the implementation significance, structure of articles of laws, highlights and key points of civil code. Through introducing current affairs, news focus, typical cases, by means of combining pictures and essay, she deepened the understanding of us on main contents of civil code and won unanimous praise from us.

Afterwards, the Judicial Bureau of Jianghai District also organized legal consulting interaction section, prepared topics including civil code, community correction laws and elimination of vicious power. It also invited staffs to participate in Q&A with prizes and explained relevant common knowledge in law to staffs in a straightaway way to popularize laws on site.

In addition, Li Yingzi answered questions from staffs on site and guided them to safeguard legitimate rights & interests through legal means. Staffs for popularizing laws assigned publicity materials such as Highlights of Civil Code at a Glance to staffs of Victor.

The Civil Code called “encyclopedia of social life” is the first law named as code in new China. It plays a fundamental role in legal system and serves as manifesto and guarantee for civil rights.

The Civil Code focuses on people’s interest demands, takes the protection of the people's rights and interests as the starting point, and and responds to the era development, mass demands and hot and difficult issues in economy and society, which is of great importance for promoting the modernization of national governance system and governance ability.


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