Safe Production - Everyone is the Protagonist

"Nationwide Safe Production Month" in June

Around "eliminate potential accidents and build up a safe defense line", VICTOR ALUMINUM carried out various propaganda, training and drill of knowledge related to safe production.

In order to improve the emergency handling ability of the company to deal with emergencies and enhance the awareness of fire safety prevention of all staff, we conducted a full fire drill for the first half of 2020 on June 26, 2020 according to the annual work plan for safe production and the arrangement of safe production activities.

When the fire alarm rang, the staff responded quickly and ran methodically to the evacuation assembly area.

The whole evacuation process took 170 seconds, all staff were concentrated safely, and statistical personnel counted and reported the number of people;

Our first-aider taught all staff the operation essentials of first aid knowledge, such as arm injury, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, artificial respiration, etc., and personally demonstrated!

 Security Monitor Huang Jianyong explained how to use dry powder fire extinguishers, introduced the structure and use of dry powder fire extinguishers, Safety Director Chen Xiaohua supplemented the applicable occasions of dry powder fire extinguishers, and emphasized that the grinding workshop, silk-screen workshop, spraying workshop, leatheroid cutting area were the key fire prevention area where should strengthen hot work management, strictly implement fire prevention management system and implement hot work according to the application process of working bill.

·Metal fire extinguishers, rather than dry powder and water, are used in grinding workshop;

     ·It is forbidden to use water to extinguish a fire in die-casting workshop.

    ·Water should not be used to extinguish a fire in household oil fire and electrical fire, and other related fire knowledge.

Staff carried out actual operation and drill of dry powder fire extinguishers

And the actual operation and drill in the connection and fire fighting of fire hose

General Manager Wu pointed out: June this year is the 19th Nationwide Safe Production Month with a theme of "eliminate potential accidents and build up a safe defense line". Two minor injury accidents occurred from January to May this year, down 50% from 4 accidents in the same period last year, which is the result of all departments' attention to safety. I hope that all departments will continue to work hard, innovate your working ideas, eliminate hidden dangers of accidents, prevent the gradual development of accidents, nip accidents in the bud, to make greater contributions to the sustained and stable development of our company. He also made two requirements:

1. All departments should carry out the control measures of risk sources at all levels, and do a good job of double governance of hidden dangers investigation and risk control, and carry out safety education for staff in safety Kanban, morning meeting, WeChat and other forms to do safety work carefully and solidly;

2. In the field of fire protection, fire prevention management should be unremitting, and the fire management, hot work management, dangerous chemicals management and electrical fire prevention should be included in the daily safety management.

Remember: life only once, no rehearsal!

Chairman Tao pointed out that: in order to enhance everyone's awareness of fire protection, enhance everyone's knowledge of fire protection, and happen to be the nationwide safe production month of "prevent fire hazards and build a beautiful home" in June, I hope you are in awe of our company's fire safety and various rules and regulations, abide by the law, do a good job in safety education and training, hidden trouble detection, safety rectification and other work. To this end, Chairman Tao proposed the following three points:

1. Doing a good job in fire safety work by all departments is the key to promoting the healthy and stable development of our company, an important link to ensure the safety of employees’ lives and property, and an important part of the safe and stable production of our company. Today’s fire drill is aimed to further strengthen fire safety propaganda, effectively enhance employees' safety awareness, improve employees' self-defense, self-rescue and mutual rescue firefighting capabilities, and help them strictly establish the thought of "safety can promote production, production must be safe", implement the safe production policy of "safety first, focus on prevention, comprehensive governance", always puts safety production in the first place to strive to create a good fire-fighting work environment.

2. We should improve the awareness of safety prevention, put an end to all safety risks, prevent any accidents. We should also strengthen the study of safety knowledge, improve the ability of self-help and self-care, so that more employees pay attention to safety and cherish life.

3. I hope that all staff will take this exercise as an opportunity to do a good job of safety work, eliminate all kinds of safety hidden dangers in the bud, take effective measures to prevent all safety accidents, and truly achieve "take preventive measures". At the same time, fire prevention management should be unremitting, and the fire management, hot work management, dangerous chemicals management and electrical fire prevention should be included in the daily safety management.

Preventive measures should be taken for fire prevention, and fire-fighting responsibility is weightier than Mount Tai.

Every VICTOR ALUMINUM people should raise the awareness of fire safety, eliminate the hidden dangers of safety, so that everyone can carry out production and work in a safe environment.

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