The 3rd Victor Aluminum Parent-Child Activity

August 22

A group of cute and cheerful children, in the company of their family members, attended the 3rd Victor Aluminum parent-child activity held in the Saturday morning. 


Ideas shared by Mr. Tao

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Tao, president of Victor Aluminum, shared his ideas on parenting, family relationship and effective communications in a speech titled “To create happiness yourself” to the attending parents and kids. 


“What we as parents shall give our kids is guidance and encouragement, not commands,” said Mr. Tao, adding that “We should watch a football game or share anecdotes in football circle with him if he likes playing football; or if he does less exercise at ordinary times, it is a good idea to make a one-hour exercise plan for him/her so that he can relax and become physically stronger after a day’s study...”

According to Mr. Tao, parenting behaviors are of great significance to children’s growth, including listening more to kids, communicating with them like friends, and guiding them to find their hobbies and insist on doing them well.

Self-service tea break

Parent-child games 


Such games as “Big hands holding small hands”, “GO-GO-GO! together happily”, “Cross a river by touching the stones”, “Two players walk together with three legs”, among others, encouraged kids to work in with their parents and teammates in the game, improving their sense of teamwork and cooperation.

Parent-child DIY games 


These DIY games helped improve quality of parent-child companionship and intimacy between them. Kids were concentrated on their games when they explored various tools and methods, which will improve their concentration in learning in the future and will be helpful for them to finish a task wholeheartedly.

In the end, every child who participates in the game was presented with gifts. 


The 3rd Victor Aluminum Parent-Child Activity, comprised of “Big hands holding small hands”, “GO-GO-GO! together happily” and “The 3rd Victor Aluminum Kids”, has come to a successful end. This activity provided them an opportunity to spend a happy weekend together. Family members became to understand more about Victor Aluminum people and this event added a precious memory to them. 


In the end, heartfelt thanks were extended to all Victor Aluminum people. It is their diligent efforts that have shaped Victor Aluminum’s continuous progress. 


Thanks were also extended to all family members. With their great support and understanding, Victor Aluminum people work at Victor Aluminum wholeheartedly.

Finally, we want to say thanks to all kids, whose smiles are the source for Victor Aluminum people to march forward! 


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