Corporate Culture | Celebrate Harvest in the Golden Autumn of September

It is the prime time to get well prepared for the approaching severe winter with a refreshed and highly motivated posture.

It is the right time to take good care of ourselves happily such that we are well nursed for a new round of struggle.

In this September, Victor Aluminum people had a lot of fun.


In the first week-long table tennis match we held at our stadium in late September, athletes were passionate, sweated a lot and played well, staging one after another wonderful play, making the playing field filled with cheers and applause, and fully demonstrating the unique charm of the national sport.

After fierce competition, Shi Xixiao of the Engineering Department won the championship.

The 1st place: Shi Xixiao, Engineering Department

The 2nd place: Chen Boxiong, Equipment Department

The 3rd place: Su Bingxing, Administration Department

The 4th place: Yan Zhiping, Engineering Department

The 5th place: Gao Mingfa, Administration Department

The 6th place: Huang Hai, Equipment Department

The 7th place: Jiang Yujun, Engineering Department

The 8th place: Zeng Zhaojuan, Purchasing Division

Victor Aluminum held its 2nd Mid-Autumn Festival Event on September 26, where employees gathered together to play games and win prizes, greeting the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival together.



Passionate as they were, the entire event, which comprised of 8 games in total, was in good harmony and rang with happy laughter and cheerful voices. With encouraging voices, chants and cheers, and laughter echoed in every corner of the scene, the event came to a successful end while every enjoyed themselves so much that they forgot to leave.

This event, a Mid-Autumn Festival held for employees and also a parent-child event, was designed to give close relatives of employees an opportunity to know the corporate culture of Victor Aluminum such that Victor Aluminum people will feel assured, work with peace of mind, and have fun from their jobs.

In the end, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the staff and volunteers who worked hard in this event!

Also, Victor Aluminum would like to take the combined event of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day to wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy family.

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