Corporate culture | 4th Victor Aluminum parent-child interaction

The relationship between parents and their children is an integral part of one’s social life, affecting every family. Holding the 4th Victor Aluminum parent-child interaction, by engaging them in-game playing, can not only improve children’s hand-eye coordination and concentration but also strengthen the emotional bond between children and their parents. Besides, this event can help staff’s children improve their physical and mental health and serve as an opportunity to give the staff a sense of belonging.

On 7 August, the unforgettable parent-child interaction held represented a gift from the company to its staff…. During the event, many games brought one gust of laughter after another.

Let’s relive moments in such a warm atmosphere on site!

Singing together a song - Ode to the Motherland


Game playing

The game playing featured a combination of dynamics and statics, 

testing children on their concentration, unity and collaboration.

Synergy was created among children, their little fellows, and parents in game-playing and awarding and everyone warmly smiled at each other in contentment and happiness.


Art performance

Children bravely stood on the stage, singing, reciting poems and dancing with their parents.

Titbits on site

The happy moment seemed to fly faster but deeply impressed everyone. At the end of the event, all children and parents said:

“The children have had a perfectly happy time and asked if they could have it again. It was really funny.”

“Appreciate what the company has done for this child-parent interaction. All of us had a great time.”

Victor Aluminum as a warm and big family, with this event, has not only created a great time for its staff out of busy schedules to enjoy the company of their children and family, and also eased their pressures of daily work and life. By so doing, they can refresh themselves and set about their work vigorously.

To conclude, wish all families a safe and happy life, and children good health and happy growth!

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