Production safety | Improving safety by discharging its responsibilities

On 18 June 2021, the company-level fire drill for the whole staff for the first half of 2021 took place in compliance with the company’s annual production plan and its arrangements for production safety. The purpose of this drill is to improve its capability to deal with the emergency and to raise awareness of fire-fighting security.

The drill consisted of three parts such as evacuation, first aid and CPR, fire extinguisher practices and a simulation of fire extinguishing by fire hoses.

Staff evacuation in order at fire alarming and gathering in a designated place

When the fire bell was ringing, the staff were evacuated to the designated place to be gathered in a rapid and orderly manner;

The whole evacuation took 170 seconds for which the staff gathered in a safe place. The numbers of people evacuated were reported after counting;

First aid dressing

CRP exercise

The first aider gave instructions to the staff by demonstrating how to deal with arm wounds, CPR and artificial respiration.

An explanation of how fire extinguishers work

Mr. Huang Jianyong, the squad leader of security guards, introduced the powder fire extinguisher in terms of its structure and usage; Mr. Chen Xiaohua, the safety officer, added fire scenarios applicable to this kind of extinguisher and emphasize shops and areas in fire prevention such as grinding, screen printing, spraying, paperboard cutting and CNC Machining of aluminum-magnesium alloy. Mr. Chen also stressed that the control of fire using must be enhanced in accordance of Fire Prevention System and its usage must be carried out according to working process application; the grinding and CNC Machining of aluminum-magnesium alloy shops must be equipped with fire extinguishers designed for metal fire rather than the powder type or water; fire fighting with water in DIE casting shop is not allowed; the fire caused by cooking oils or electric factors cannot be fought with water.

Mr. Wu Yan, the head of the Safe Production Department of the company, summed up at the end of the drill that this June marks the 20th State Production Month on the subject of improving safety by discharging its responsibilities.

Safety is the top priority for us, without safety, we would lose everything and nobody could undo what has happened in industrial accidents and occupational diseases. This is why the management needs to lead by example and require its subordinates to change their mindsets from positive safety to active safety. Hopefully, everyone keeps complying with the rules and regulations of the company and doing well in safety education and training, hazards checking and removing and safety improvements to the plant and so on. Please remember: live has no dress rehearsals as you live only once!

Powder fire extinguisher practices by staff

Staff is carrying out fire hose connection and firefighting practices.

Firefighting is of paramount importance with greater responsibilities

This fire drill has tested Guangdong Victor Aluminum on the utilization and performance of its firefighting facilities, improved its capability in response to a fire emergency and to quickly evacuate staff as well as its first aid ability, increased the safety awareness of firefighting, and improved the ability of self - defense and self - rescue of staff. With this drill, the staff has grasped how to extinguish fire, self-help and escape unhurt when a fire started.

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