Colorful spring day - the birthday party of Weilu employees was held warmly

With the pace of spring, we finally ushered in the bright scenery and warmth in the long cold winter. On February 25th, Weilu held the first birthday party in 2022. All colleagues gathered together to send blessings to the birthday stars from January to February.

As soon as the door of the conference room was opened, Zhenxiang warned! Fruits, cakes, snacks, and drinks come into view, satisfying the pure foodie of Xiaobian. Before the opening, we had our sign-in ceremony, carefully carrying our names and blessings into our hearts. Setting the stage also reflects the unity and cohesion of Yingshang people.

The employee birthday party officially begins. In the warm applause of everyone, Chairman Luo of Wei Aluminum Union sent blessings to the birthday stars and said that the development of the company is inseparable from the joint efforts of every employee. He hopes that through the monthly birthday party, all employees can feel To the warmth of the big family of Yingshang, I hope that everyone will work enthusiastically and actively in this big family to create a better future together.

     Shou Xinggong gave a speech. The host invited representatives of Shou Xinggong to speak. They came from all over the world. They came from relatives of different ages. They came to Weiluo from their hometown due to work reasons. At this time, they all thanked the company for preparing their birthday party and the company. Give them the feeling of home.

To happen is to disappear

time will become memories

But the smiling faces that come into view

worth remembering

Along with the birthday song, let's light candles and cut the cake


   After the laughter and laughter, we ushered in the game session. Who can get the small gift? The game sets up blind drumming and water bottle play, a double test of tacit understanding and reaction, to test out our ultimate player, if you win, you can get a small gift. Let’s take a look at our interactive link haha!

    Everyone gained a lot, with a happy and happy mood, with a happy "home" atmosphere, we took photos together and distributed birthday gifts.

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